Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson were blissfully married for seven years. Many people thought the two hitmakers were an unusual couple when they first started dating, but they quickly became their own form of “couple goals” for fans. The romance didn’t continue long, and it ended in 2007, but they are still friends, according to reports.

Their friendship is so good that Dupri appears to be joking about the romance. In a recent interview, Dupri was reminded of a story he once recounted about being out somewhere when Jackson called to ask where he was during. He lied to her, but she was already waiting for him when he returned home.

You can’t really play with rich women. They do whatever they wanna do. You can hang up on the phone with a rich woman and call her all kinda names, and she call you all kinda names, and you be like, you hung up the phone, and then the doorbell ring. You like, ‘What?! What’s goin’ on?’ That person be at your house.

Dupri remarked, laughing that he believes telling not to mess with an affluent women. She can easily beat you to your crib. You can’t play with a poor lady, and you certainly can’t play with a wealthy woman. They’re way ahead with the games.

They were a pair from 200 to 2007, and Dupri recalled Janet telling him, “I got six brothers, there ain’t nothing you can tell me that I haven’t heard before.” The megaproducer called it a crazy statement because he had to take into consideration that Janet has not only has brothers, but “six famous brothers.” That’s the reason why she had already heard every lie that a man could possibly tell.

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