Earlier this week Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a multiple car wreck. Although, the legendary Hollywood veteran came out unscathed out of the incident, but this wasn’t the case with one of his victim. However, she doesn’t seem to be too bothered about it.

According to TMZ, Habiba Muminova was one of the drivers who had a close encounter with Arnold’s SUV crash on Friday. She told the outlet she was “hallucinating” when Arnold stepped out of his Yukon SUV.

Habiba further said, Arnold is one of her favorite actors and she’s well aware that this wasn’t exactly a great way to meet her idol for the first time. However, this didn’t discourage her from telling everyone about the events that transpired on that fateful day.

Habiba added, she was just doing her job that is driving patients to doctor’s appointments when all of a sudden she was smacked into an accident involving the former governor. She claimed she was waiting at a red light to turn on Sunset Blvd when Arnold’s SUV collided with a red Prius. Before she could react to the events one of Arnold’s back tires hit her car which caused a hard jolt.

Habiba told the outlet the initial impact on her car was so strong that she thought she broke her spine. Habiba had to climb out the passenger side window as Arnold’s SUV was blocking her door.

Soon after she was treated by the first responders at the scene. She was advised by them to get a ride to the nearest hospital but instead she chose to stay put by the patient she had been transporting. Habiba said after the accident she’s experiencing pain in her spine and back from the shoulder down on her left side. She plans to get checkout by a doctor this week.

Meanwhile, Habiba is concerned whether she will be able to carry out her job moving forward as her car is badly damaged. She said it will be impossible for her to drive her patients around town. She further revealed she has reached out to an attorney for legal advice.

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Shubham Banerjee

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