Erika Jayne and the rest of her co-stars from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” were on in a 70’s themed launch party for Rinna Beauty recently. Following the party, Erika shared a picture with her gal pal Lisa Rinna. Fans noticed something unusual about the caption of her photo.

According to PageSix, the reality star originally captioned her photo with “Donna and Jerry” referencing Donna Summer and Jerry Hall. In the image, Rinna’s skin looked extremely bronzed which caused some of her fans to show concern for her in the comment section.

Erika’s post quickly caught on with the audiences as it racked in more than 1,000 comments. Fans couldn’t help but notice Rinna’s skin tone and accused Rinna of “blackfishing.” An Instagram user wrote, “It’s giving blackface,” while another added, “Lisa Rina stay problematic #blackfishing,”

The post stirred controversy on Reddit too. A Redditor commented,“I think it’s a filter. Rinna didn’t look this dark on her Instagram photos and even Garcelle is looking really orange. Like bad bronzer? I think it’s bad lighting and a bad filter,” while another wrote, “I will say Rinna just aggressively tans/has always been tan and makeup def accentuates that,”

While Rinna didn’t respond to the accusations immediately, Erika got the message loud and clear. She quickly changed the caption to “Cher and Jerry.” However, Erika hasn’t deleted the picture despite facing backlash. 

You can check out the photo in question below.

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