Bobby Shmurda is still one of hip-hop’s most fascinating rappers. Shmurda has been enjoying every second of his freedom since his release from prison last year, suddenly Wack 100 commented that he is losing popularity due to his dance. Bobby Shmurda fired back at Wack 100. Recently, Bobby received 22Gz’s support over Wack 100 criticism.

Shmurda was called out by Wack 100, who linked his street cred to the Brooklyn rapper’s innate delight. The comments inspired 22Gz, a fellow Brooklyn rapper, to respond, backing Shmurda in every way.

“Wack 100 is the police. How you not street cause you dance? So just because a n-gga dance he not a shooter?”

Wack’s remarks, which emerged on Wednesday, were scathing of Shmurda, given his lack of new music since returning home. Bobby has released many tracks since February 2021. None of which has been touted as his “comeback” single, including “No Time for Sleep (Freestyle),” “Cartier Lens,” “Splash,” and “Shmoney” starring Quavo and Rowdy Rebel.

“Y’all be seeing these artists like Bobby Shmurda, he’s been having it bad. He be like, ‘Yo, to all my fans, it ain’t me, it’s the label and all that shit’ … I’ma be real, I don’t know what kinda fans he got. He really ain’t proven product; he only had one song.”

“And I think he fucked up by what he should’ve dropped. When that n-gga got out, he was supposed to let something go! I don’t know what he was thinking running ’round like… he was supposed to drop before [NBA] All-Star Weekend or something.”

Shmurda himself is not going to let his Shmoney movements keep him from living his life. After Wack’s remarks, the Brooklyn rapper posted, then deleted, a statement about how no one can evaluate his life because of where he’s been for the past six years.

“Y’all do know that no matter what ANYONE says imma live MY LIFE the way I WANT #shmurda.”

Many people supported Bobby and criticized Wack 100’s statement over Bobby’s dance. Do you support Booby? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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