Bobby Shmurda has made it very clear that he enjoys dancing. Bobby won’t stop moving his body, whether it’s gyrating his hips back and forth or sparking a new TikTok viral moment with his “Shmoney” dance. It seems like Bobby slipped and fell head first while dancing in a recent video.

When Bobby appeared as a guest on Gillie Da King and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, he was once again caught dancing to the beat of his own drum. Bobby Shmurda’s new song “Shmoney” came on over the speakers during the interview, and the Brooklyn rapper couldn’t stop himself.

The “Hot N****” rapper took a seat on the couch and began performing dancing routines. He was so focused on one element of his dance that he nodded his head back and forth and tumbled off the couch face-first. The fall appeared to harm Bobby, but he continued dancing with his legs moving in front of one another, indicating that he was fine.

So none of y’all gone ask me if I’m good f*ck all y’all. BEST PERFORMER ALIVE SHMURDA NEVER STOP DANCING & Yo @gillie_da_king @wallo267 drop that podcast ASAP @mworthofgame #shmoney.

Bobby Shmurda has been chastised and praised for his dancing in recent months, and he revealed why he does what he does on Instagram earlier this month. Bobby stated he used to be like those convicts dancing with improvised knives in case something went wrong in a post depicting inmates dancing with makeshift knives.

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