Sayings such as Viral and Movie are a staple of Fivio Foreign’s vocabulary. However, in a recent clip, Trinidad James claimed that he was the originator of the word Viral into the Hip Hop culture and Fivio is not happy about it.

In an Interview with Drink Champs, Trinidad claimed nobody was using the word viral to describe a song or moment in Hip Hop before he came through his smash hit. The rapper believes his smash hit, All Gold Everything cracked the mainstream window. Thus, making him the originator of the word viral into hiphop culture.

However, this did not sit well with the Brooklyn drill rapper. Fivio immediately took to Twitter to share his disagreement. “Trinidad James musta lost his f*ccin mind talkin he started da word Viral,”

This wasn’t the first time Trinidad talked about being the originator of the word. “The term viral did not exist in Hip Hop,” the Atlanta native previously stated during his May interview. “It did not exist. N***as never said, ‘Oh, this n***a going viral.’ N***as had never ever said that. I’m a fan.”

Of course, whenever it comes to firsts in Hip Hop, Soulja Boy has to chime in. He hopped into Akademiks’ comment section claiming he was going viral before anyone knew it to be an actual internet term. “I was the first rapper to go viral,” he said. “I went viral before ‘Viral’ was a word.”

As of now, Trinidad James is yet to respond to Fivio’s claims. It only remians to be seen how things turn out for Trinidad.

Did Trinidad really invent the word Viral ? Sound off in the comments!!!

Anushmitta Dutta

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