Michael Abraham, father of “Teen Mom” alum Farrah Abraham had something to say about Debra Danielsen’s “concern” for their granddaughter, 12-year old Sophia. His statement comes just days after Debra expressed her “fear” for Sophia.

Farrah Abraham made headlines after she was arrested outside Grandmaster Recorders, a rooftop bar in Hollywood, California. A security guard at the venue claimed that the reality star hit her and video soon found it’s way online which showed Abraham struggling on the ground while she was placed under citizen’s arrest.

Abraham was charged with misdemeanor assault and booked into jail. According to L.A Sheriff’s Department records, she was released the same night. Abraham is set to appear in court on May 19. Following her arrest, her mother Debra Danielsen said she was “afraid” for her granddaughter, Sophia. She added, Farrah always plays the “victim” and she would have to face “consequences.”

However, Michael Abraham took an entirely different stance. A fan account Teen Mom Chatter, shared a series of Facebook comments which showed Michael defending his daughter. He wrote in one of the comments, “I will post this… there is no reason for Debra to fear Sophia, My family is always there for Farrah and Sophia… stop the BS.” 

According to Teen Mom Chatter, Michael Abraham wrote that Farrah Abraham never “touched anyone” and that she is a “great” mother to Sophia. He added that the arrest could be a learning experience for his granddaughter. He added, “It teaches her about consequences people will face for their actions … just like Farrah did when she got pregnant.”

Meanwhile, Farrah is gearing up for a courtroom battle. Farrah’s team is currently exploring the possibility of suing the venue she was arrested outside. Farrah’s team claimed the citizen arrest was unlawful and they used excessive force during the arrest.

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