Robbie Williams stirred up some chatter with his recent comments. We all have our fair share of wild bedroom stories but it appears Robbie takes the lead with his recent revelation. After all, Williams used his own mother’s bedroom for his first deed.

Robbie Williams revealed to The DailyStar, he lost his virginity in “seconds” in his mom Janet’s bed. The 47-year old singer admitted that he struggled to entertain his partner for more than a few minutes and almost backed out.

However, peer pressure from his friends gave him a confidence boost to go on. The former Take That singer first got intimate with a girl while he was attending St. Margaret Ward Roman Catholic School in Tunstall, Stroke-on-Trent, West Midlands.

Robbie told the outlet, after his friends started laughing at him because he couldn’t go through with his plan, he took the girl to his room upstairs. However, the pair couldn’t fit in Robbie’s bed so they had to shift to Robbie’s mum’s bed and “It was over in seconds.”

Like many of us, his first time was an awkward experience. Still, Robbie admitted that he has fond memories from his first time. After his failed attempt at sex, Robbie soon found a way around it to last longer. He shared, “I’d have to have sex with people I didn’t fancy just to have long sex,” The singer then went on to marry actress Ayda Field later in his life.

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Shubham Banerjee

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