Rappers used to blow up Johnny Dang’s phone in the hopes of landing a pair of grillz in the 2000s. Veneers appear to be outgrowing iced out teeth in popularity by 2022. In recent years, we’ve seen rappers like Moneybagg Yo, Lil Yachty, Plies, and others get their teeth corrected.

Cam’ron was recently seen listening to Billy Joel and smoking a blunt when fans caught a glimpse of his new pearly teeth. Rappers getting their teeth fixed isn’t unusual, as we’ve seen with Jay-Z and Nas in the past.

Cam’ron, another well-known MC from New York, recently took to Instagram to reveal a new set of pearly whites. The Dipset boss tweeted a video of himself smoking a joint while listening to Billy Joel with a caption.

That n***a Billy Joel spitting on this shit — at least the first verse.

Cam’s trademark gap between his two front teeth is no longer visible, as fans instantly observed. However, the revelation sparked a slew of jokes, with some claiming that the video isn’t even of Cam’ron.

One user commented: “Now who Daddy teeth Camron done stole… they done Gucci Maned my boy.” Another one chimed in saying: “Nigga ain’t been right since Jada smoked them in the Garden and Cam got booed trying to freestyle.” Others dragged another Dipset member, Juelz Santana, into the roasting session, nicknaming him “Chewelz” due to his missing teeth.

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Gunjan Nath

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