Cam’ron‘s style has always been a big part of his personality. From the rapper’s iconic cotton candy pink mink coat to his diamond flooded diplomats chain, fans have seen it all. However, it seems the Dipset legend’s latest look is drawing comparisons to another rapper entirely.

On January 17, Cam’ron took to his Instagram Stories to film himself kicking back with a blunt while listening to Billy Joel. However, it wasn’t Cam’s song selection that caught people’s attention, it was his new set of teeth. Combined with his tracksuit, glasses, and beard fans thought the rapper looked like Gucci Mane.

“From the makers of the Gucci clone,” one user joked in 2Cool2Blog‘s Instagram comments section. “That’s not killa thats Gucci mane,” wrote another. Gucci Mane clone became a running joke back in 2016 when the Atlanta rapper emerged from a two-year prison bid looking like a changed man.

Previously, Gucci mane dropped $250K to have diamonds inserted into his veneers in 2020. The rapper officially gave himself a quarter-million-dollar smile. The rapper even fed into the speculation by saying, “I will neither support nor deny those accusations.”

Cam’ron isn’t the only Dipset rapper to make headlines for his grill. In 2018, Juelz Santana appeared in the group’s Sauce Boyzvideo with several front teeth missing, leading to an Instagram roasting from 50 Cent. Juelz later revealed he lost the teeth due to drug use, but managed to bag himself a set of pearly whites after a trip to the dentist.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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