Life of a Boss Baddie, Alexis Skyy’s freshly released book, has filled her social media pages with posts and retweets. When it comes to the public pitting celebrities against one another, the internet can be an ugly place, and Alexis Skyy claims she’s been a victim of it.

Skyy is said to have shared advice on hygiene, credit scores, self-esteem, and manifestation, but some have noticed that she retweeted a suspicious post regarding Ari Fletcher. She jumped online right away to debunk any speculations regarding Moneybagg Yo’s girlfriend.

Fletcher has a busy schedule working with domestic violence victims through her non-profit, but she is also rumored to be working on a book of her own. Someone inquired whether this was why Fletcher decided to also have a book when Skyy tweeted about her new publication, and Skyy’s account shared the message. She was accused of being dodgy very immediately.

Funny thing is I never retweeted that. So y’all posting false sh*t. I didn’t even realize It was retweeted yesterday was my book launch & I was reposting & retweeting everything so to be honest I’m not even on that it’s a new year. I’m not beefing with anyone.


Skyy remained unaffected since she didn’t want this to turn into a pointless argument. People are still attempting to set Alexis and Ari against one another, despite the fact that there were reports in 2020 about Alexis and Ari having severe tension.

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