Cardi B has achieved a lot in the past few years. The chart topping rapper is now craving a new tattoo. In the usual Cardi fashion she disclosed her impending decision to her fans.

All in all, Cardi has 11 tattoos that can be seen. 11 might seem a lot, but it is still not as many as some other male rappers. Most of Cardi’s tattoos are artistic like the flowers and the peacock but now she wants someone’s name tatted on her.

Cardi has the names of multiple exes scrawled on her body. She has managed to cover-up the inky regrets with new designs and quotes. On Sunday, January 16th, Cardi hopped on Twitter to let her followers know that she “really really” wants to get her face inked as a tribute to one of her beloved family members.

The special person is her beloved son of course. “Random but… I’m 1% close [to] tatting my son’s name on my face,” the mother of two admitted. “I really really wanna do it!” His name hasn’t even been disclosed yet so a tattoo name reveal will be quite a surprise.

This isn’t the first time the “WAP” rapper has considered getting a face tattoo. On July 1st, she posted a tweet reading “every day I’m thankful at the fact that [I] ain’t get this face tatt I wanted when I was 16.” Most of Cardi’s fans are against the idea of a face tattoo. However, the final decision is Cardi’s to make.

Would you like to see Cardi B rocking a face tattoo? Let us know in the comments below!

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