It seems that Cardi B and Offset have been developing greater appreciation for each other, and growing together as people. Just like any other couple, the two still have their differences.

Cardi and Offset have had a bit of a disagreement as to how to dress their son. In an Instagram video, Cardi could be seen holding up a gray fedora, as she asked Offset for his opinion on it.

Without hesitation, Offset let his thoughts known. It seems that he does not want to dress his son in something that would, in his words, get him “looking like Ne-Yo.”

Oh hell nah, I’m not putting that sh*t on my son, man. Got my boy looking like Ne-Yo.

However, it seems that Cardi did not entirely disagree with her husband, as she responded to his opinion with laughter. However, the rapper did protest, insisting that “it’s cute,” referring to the fedora.

It definitely seems like the couple are having a blast shopping for clothes for their son, despite the differences in their aesthetic sensibilities.

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Abhishek Kar

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