The Rock has been one of the biggest name in the history of WWE. Fans now have reasons to get excited over Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson making a guest appearance on The ManningCast. It will be exiting to see where most of the fans tune in.

The Rock is set to be one of the special guests on The ManningCast this Monday. He will look over the NFL wild card playoff game between the Cardinals and Rams. The game will go simultaneously with WWE Raw.

The former WWE Champion tweeted on Saturday night with announcing the following:

Tune in to #MondayNightFootball with Peyton and Eli Manning.

ESPN’s new broadcast this season featuring Peyton and Eli Manning has been a huge hit among football fans. The ManningCast has been viewed as an innovate, informative broadcast which brings high-quality analysis along with high-profile guests for each episode. This time the high profile guest is Dwayne Johnson.

The Show is expected to the show draw a big audience. The game, which will be also airing on ABC and ESPN, is expected to draw massive ratings. The Rock is set to appear at 8:45 pm ET on the show hosted by Peyton & Eli Manning. Of course, WWE RAW airs at 8:00 ET on the USA Network.

This is ESPN’s lone playoff game, so it’ll be the final ManningCast episode of the season. Fans can watch the ManningCast for the Wild Card round game on ESPN2 and ESPN+. The traditional broadcast will take place on ESPN and ABC.

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