Bravo is getting a free promotion from Hollywood A-lister. There is no doubt that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is quite a popular show. While Adele is not a fan of the show and believes it makes brain melt, Meryl Streep just admitted to watching it.

The 72-year-old actress revealed she’s an avid viewer of the hit Bravo reality series. She disclosed her guilty pleasure during a group interview in promotion of her latest movie Don’t Look Up. The star studded movie has gotten rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

Meryl Streep is not afraid to voice out her opinions. In a virtual promotion for Don’t Look Up, Streep opened up about climate change. She explained the distractions in society from the overarching climate issue that effects us all.

One of the distractions in her life is RHOB. “It’s life … it’s right now,” said the three-time Academy Award winner. “It’s happening right now. And what do I do? I go in and watch the Housewives of Beverly Hills. I do that.” Well, don’t we all, co-star Jennifer Lawrence is also a huge fan of the show.

The acclaimed actress said that we must think about climate change more seriously. “This is what we have to pay attention to. It all flows from this. If we don’t survive, we won’t be able to watch Housewives or whatever.” After all, we wont be able to enjoy our favorite TV shows if the world ends.

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Shifa Jahan

Shifa Jahan is a freelance writer from Bahrain currently pursuing her Masters degree in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, India. She is experienced in Copywriting, Academic Writing and loves to write about pop culture/ entertainment-news. Other interests include theatre, teaching, foreign languages and culture.

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