Heather Dubrow has her “Real Housewives of Orange County” co-star Noella Bergener in her crosshairs. The reality star caught everyone’s attention recently when she leaked a text conversation with Noella.

Dubrow shared a screenshot of her conversation with Noella on her Instagram. In the text exchange, she appears to be setting up a meeting with Bergener to hash out any hard feelings. Dubrow captioned her post,

“When you thank her for coming to your house to clear the air and move forward because you’re working all weekend, and she comes over and pretends not to know and trashes your business and your character. Well, all of this and more at the reunion!”

However, it seems Noella was not having it. She called out Bubrow and said she is a “really, really good narcissist. with a dedicated “shrine” in her podcast studio. Dubrow would explain on her podcast, the shrines were three large vision boards.

The exchange started with Dubrow writing, , “Hi! So nice seeing you – sorry for all that you’re going through. Thinking about you.” Bergener replied, “Thank you so much. That is very kind of you,” She hearted Bubrow’s final text which read, “I’m glad you’re free tomorrow! Thank you for coming to my place – we have a whole weekend of shows at SHOP HQ so I’m just a little locked in ! Hope things are better in your world – See you tomorrow.”

Tamra Judge quickly came to show her support for Dubrow. She wrote in a comment, “NOT COOL AT ALL! I’ve worked with housewives like that before & it sucks! But don’t worry they don’t last long loved to know who you ‘slammed’. Cuz that’s so your style.”

It didn’t take long enough for Bergener to defend herself. She clapped back at Dubrow and shared Dubrow’s post on her Instagram Stories to share her side of the story. She wrote,

“A good host knows their schedule. I was left waiting in my car in her driveway for 45 minutes. When I asked to use the bathroom I had to wait 15 minutes for permission then returned back to my car. When I finally was allowed to come inside I walk into an infomercial. This was a Saturday with my kids. I showed up when I was told to. My time was not respected and plugging products was clearly more important than making me feel welcome.”

The drama didn’t stop there. Dubrow quickly retorted by writing, “Not true …. She was late …. I have more texts ! See you at the reunion.” While Bergener replied to that, “I don’t want beef with anyone but if you force me to defend myself I will” on her Instagram Story. She also attached a screenshot of what appears to be an email saying her meeting with Dubrow is at 4 p.m.” and in the following slide she shared a text which showed her arriving six minutes early.

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