Jenelle Evans is constantly finding new ways to set herself up for mockery. The teen mom star recently decided to beef with subway after she was unable to order lunch for her child. However, thing didn’t go her way because the mom is now being accused of child neglect.

Previously, Jenelle took to her Instagram Story to complain about a glitch that prevented her from ordering lunch from the restaurant mobile app. Although she was able to get her lunch order done over the phone later, Evans still took the Karen route. This did not sit well with the fans and they immediately took to Reddit to drag Jenelle.

The fans were quick to attack the teen mom for not making the sandwich for her son at home. “So in other words he is at school with no lunch because you didn’t make him one,” wrote one Reddit user. “She can’t just make him a sandwich?” wrote another.

A third user chimed in by saying, “She has all the time in the world as she’s unemployed and couldn’t make a lunch or pay for him to get a lunch at his school.” “Instead of making him a lunch and bringing out to the school, she’s trying to door dash subway to his school. I really hope a mandated reporter at the school took notice and reported it as neglect to CPS.”


This isn’t the first time Jenelle is being accused of child neglect. There’s a famous scene from “Teen Mom 2” where Kaiser cried for his mother to feed him while she was shooting her engagement pictures with then-fiance David Eason. While Evans faced accusations of child neglect, the former MTV personality insisted she should be praised for how much she has changed since she first appeared on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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