Jay-Z is fuming after federal authorities refused to release an inmate. Valon Vailes is serving a 20-year prison sentence for intent to distribute marijuana. Rap artists frequently turn activist when they believe prisoners are getting a raw deal. Jay thinks the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Jigga also had some accusations about Vailes’ being mistreated during his incarceration.

Team Roc is taking up the cause for Vailes. The conviction came down back in 2007. Valon reached out to Jay-Z last year for help with getting his sentence reduced.

New court documents obtained by TMZ reveal that the feds won’t offer Valon Vailes an early release for a peculiar reason. The government is holding Valon because of a violation involving cold chicken.

Team Roc attorney Alex Spiro said his new client meets the textbook definition for a compassionate release. Federal prosecutors won’t allow his release because he snuck leftover chicken from the mess hall to his cell.

Spiro also said Vailes is being picked on after using a piece of his prison jumpsuit as workout gear. The 56-year-old has otherwise been a model prisoner. Vailes earned his GED in prison and wants out so he can take care of a brother who suffers from mental illness.

Jay-Z and his team are working as hard as they can to secure the release of Valon Vailes. The feds don’t seem too interested in hearing him out. If anybody can assemble the powerful legal team needed to move the case along, it’s Jay-Z.

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Michael Perry

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