Buccaneer’s tight end Rob Gronkowski had a lot on the line while entering Sunday’s game against the Panthers. He needed seven catches and 85 receiving yards to earn a $1 million incentive. Fortunately, Rob has not only secured his incentive but also plans to share it with his teammates.

Gronk needed was seven catches and 85 receiving yards to hit two separate bonuses of $500,000 each. Through the first 53 minutes, Gronk had surpassed the required amount of receiving yards. However, he was still one catch short. Later with the help of Tom Brady, Gronkowski hauled in seven receptions with 137 yards and landed a $1 million bonus.

Tom Brady completed 29 of 37 passes for 326 yards with three touchdowns in the Bucs’ 41-17 win over Carolina. Brady refused to come out of the game until Gronkowski caught his seventh ball. Once he did, Brady and Gronk both sat out the remainder of the fourth quarter.

In an interview after the match, Rob said “it’s cool to hit those,” when asked about his plans with the $1 million Incentive. Additionally, Gronk shared that he’s going to take care of his teammates because they’re all expecting “a little handout.” The only person he doesn’t plan to take out to dinner, he said with a smirk, is Brady.


Looks like everyone, including Bruce Arians, is getting a meal on Gronk and we are here for it. We cannot help but Rob for sharing his money with his teammates.

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