Eminem is the only artist to have seven albums reach 1 billion streams on Spotify. Now it is time to estimate his streaming earning from this year. It seems hip-hop media underestimates Marshall Mathers’ income from Spotify streams by at least $5 million.

Whether you like Eminem or not, there’s no doubt at all that he’s an absolute powerhouse in the music game. He’s the definition of a mogul. Sure, his music over the past few years hasn’t been his best work. But when Eminem was at his prime, he was pumping out hit after hit.

The Daily Caller website relied on numbers that downplayed Eminem’s stream this year to count how much he made in 2021. The least we can do is to fix their math. Throughout 2021, Eminem has gained 4.91 billion streams, not 3.6.

Nobody knows the exact rate that Spotify pays by track, and most probably, it varies depending on circumstances. So the media just took rumored brackets ($.0032 or $.0052 per song) to find a median. The simple estimate gives us $15,712,000 as the lowest and $24,550,000 as the highest possible payout from Spotify.


Going by this calculation the middle ground between them would be $20,131,000. It is safe to suggest that Eminem made over $20 million from Spotify alone this year. How much he got paid from other streaming services where he enjoys consistent success, such as Apple Music, Deezer or YouTube, is anybody’s guess.

T-Pain shocked fans when he revealed how much artists really make off their music. It seems that Slim Shady is doing just fine.

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