Malik Monk became a key player for the Los Angeles Lakers and he’s proving his capability with each game. His fellow teammate and NBA legend LeBron James had envisioned this form of Malik Monk for quite some time.

James recently shared that he had his eyes set on Monk since last season when he fell out of the Charlotte Hornet’s regular rotation. He added, he wanted to find a way to add Monk to the Lakers’ squad. On Jan. 4, James told reporters:

“It’s funny, just a little quick backstory, me and (former assistant coach Jason) Kidd, we talked a lot last year. We wanted him last year. When Charlotte stopped playing him last year, or they would play him, and then sit him for five or six games, and then they would play him, and then you would see him have a game at Miami where he had like eight or nine threes in Miami, and then they would sit him and not play him. Me and J Kidd, we would talk all the time, like ‘is there a way we can snatch this guy from their roster?’

In the Lakers’ last game, Monk started off the bench with electrifying energy. He’s averaging more than 25 minutes per game and is putting up 11.6 points on 47.7 percent shooting. Since joining the starting lineup, he’s averaged more than 20 points per game, shooting nearly 46 percent from beyond the arc.

Recently, LeBron took to Twitter to troll the Hornets after his quote went viral. He shared a video tweeted by Josiah Johnson in which a man repeatedly yells at a cat locked in a store, “I’ll get you out of there. You don’t belong in there.”  His tweet quickly went viral with fans appreciating the linking up of James and Monk.

It’s hard to tell by Monk’s form this season but he was not a highly sought after free agent this offseason. He told reporters earlier this week, “It kind of hit me hard when nobody really wanted me besides the Lakers, man,” However, he is proving everyone wrong with his impressive performance with the Lakers.

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