Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16th, 1979, and she was only 22 when she passed away. Aaliyah’s Cessna 402B plane had just flown out of the Bahamas after filming a music video. Her plane was overloaded, according to reports, and it crashed on Aug. 25, 2001. Now a posthumous album is upsetting her fans.

A new Aaliyah record is on the way, 20 years after her death. After decades of whining, her uncle, Barry Hankerson, decided it was time to disclose his record label’s libraries. We finally got her whole discography on streaming services a few months ago.

Besides the release of Aaliyah’s discography, a new album is also on its way. The new album, Unstoppable, would be released later this month. Although no official release date has been announced, Hankerson has revealed what fans may expect, including features.

Let’s just say that the record hasn’t gone over well with many of the late singer’s admirers. Hankerson appeared on The Geno Jones Show recently and discussed about Aaliyah’s posthumous collaboration with The Weeknd.

One of the songs that’s out now is doing incredibly well. And that’s the song that she did with Weeknd. Because of that success, we think it’ll only get better with people such as Ne-Yo and Snoop Dogg, Future, and Drake — one of her biggest fans. Those are the features that’ll be on the record and that’ll be out in January.

Meanwhile, the outcry continues, with some accusing Hankerson of making money from his deceased niece. Others have inquired as to what Aaliyah’s family thinks of the film’s release. Some have expressed dissatisfaction with the feature list, pointing out that only men were mentioned and that Aaliyah’s pals, such as Missy Elliott, were left off. Check out some of the reactions below and tell us if you’re excited about Unstoppable.

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