Martha Stewart has a busy year ahead of her in 2022. The worldwide lifestyle icon has built a four-decade-long empire in the home-making and hotel industries. She is now planning to start her own restaurant this year.

The Bedford by Martha Stewart is an immersive concept that brings to life Stewart’s famed rural farmhouse in Bedford, New York. It provides guests a genuine peek at how she lives and entertains in her own home.

Stewart has been at it since 1976, when she began her first firm, a catering service, from her own home. Stewart has converted the inspiration of her house into one of America’s most prominent and well-known businesses in each endeavor. Stewart, though, told People that she has never felt prepared to own a restaurant.

“We have toyed with the idea for a long, long time. I just personally was never really ready to do something so large as this. It really is a lot of stuff to do!”

“They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. The team at Caesar’s is just amazing. They’re so, so productive and so creative. I like working with people like that. And this is an opportunity to extend the brand in an area where I’ve always wanted to be but never really did enter.”

Stewart, as predicted, was in charge of creating the tastefully furnished décor. It embraces a neutral color scheme that serves as a wonderful background to the four seasons of color. Stewart is currently working on the menu, but says that it will be “very delicious, and food you’ll want to come back to.”

“It’s a charming restaurant. It’s completely fashioned after the winter house at my farm in Bedford, where I basically live. There’s a kitchen, a dining room, a brown room, a green room — it’s very similar in the finishes of my home, and the furnishings are all kind of replicas of a very familiar space to many, many, many Americans. And it’s intimate, yet large enough for people to really enjoy.”

“Our menu is based on freshness and availability.”

According to a press release from the restaurant, ingredients for her seasonal dinner, weekend brunch, and holiday menus will be sourced from a variety of local purveyors. It will include the Las Vegas Farmers Market, Dartagnan Inc., Urbani Truffles, Roe Caviar, Frog Hollow Farm, Jasper Hill Farm, and Vermont Creamery. Stewart, too, has a unique connection to Vegas.

“I’ve been going to Vegas for a very long time. My niece got married there, one of my best friends got married there, I decorated the Bellagio for Christmas when Steve Wynn first opened it, have done many events there for Michael Milken on his prostate cancer foundation. So I’m pretty familiar with the rise and popularity of Las Vegas. And I’m thrilled our restaurant will be a part of its growing food scene.”

“Plus, Nobu’s going to be right across the hall. I love Nobu so if I get tired of eating at my restaurant, I’m going to eat right across the hall at Nobu. What good company is that? I mean, it’s fantastic.”

Stewart‘s restaurant is set to launch in the spring, though no exact date has been announced. Everyone, including Stewart, is looking forward to seeing the restaurant in action.

Shivangini Rawat

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