Quentin Tarantino is a well-known filmmaker and screenwriter, specifically with the post-modernism style. Pulp Fiction is one of his creations, but that doesn’t mean he’s free to do whatever he wants with it. Miramax Films previously filed a lawsuit against Tarantino for auctioning off NFTs from Pulp Fiction.

The film’s production company does not appreciate Quentin auctioning off something he claims he has no legal right to sell. Miramax claimed that Tarantino is allegedly attempting to sell a set of digital tokens recreating classic scenes from Pulp Fiction. However, according to TMZ, the movie company owns the rights and is suing.

Tarantino is so desperate to sell these non-fungible tokens that he keeps marching right into a lawsuit with Miramax. Pulp Fiction’s ownership was originally decided in the 1990s, long before we had to hear about the sale of NFTs on a daily basis. However, despite a pending lawsuit by Miramax over intellectual property rights, Tarantino announced the auction for the NFTs this morning.

The NFTs will have “a single classic scene, plus bespoke audio commentary from Quentin Tarantino,” according to the auction website. The collector who purchases one of these few and unique NFTs will gain access to screenplay secrets as well as an insight into Quentin Tarantino’s thoughts and creative process.”

Seven uncut segments from Pulp Fiction were marketed as NFTs by the director. Tarantino did not continue with the sales at the time, despite denying the charges. The suit’s next stages are expected to be announced in February, albeit this news may prompt an emergency halt to the auctions.

Between January 17 and January 31, Tarantino and his collaborator SCRT Labs (the designer of a privacy-focused blockchain) will auction seven chapters of the script.

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