Antonio Brown started trending when he had a meltdown in the middle of the Buccaneers’ game. The now ex-Bucs player finally addressed what lead to this bizarre incident which ended his Buc’s career. He did not pull any punches when he spoke about his former team.

The NFL player made some serious allegations against his former team. Antonio claimed the team gave him “powerful and sometimes dangerous painkiller” and forced him to play despite knowing he had a serious ankle injury. This lead up to a moment where Bucs’ boss Bruce Arians told him “you’re done!”

That prompted the 33-year old to remove his jersey and pads in defiance. He then proceeded to walk off the Met Life football field. Soon after he released a statement expressing his dedication towards the game and his frustrations with his former team.

“Because of my commitment to the game, I relented to pressure directly from my coach to play injured. Despite the pain, I suited up, the staff injected me with what I now know was a powerful and sometimes dangerous painkiller that the NFLPA has warned against using, and I gave it my all for the team,”

AB further said, he played ball until the pain was too much for him to bear. He added, he could no longer use use his ankle to safely perform his playing responsibilities. Unfortunately for AB, Arians didn’t care for his complains and demanded he goes back in the game.

As for the Bucs, Arians claimed AB never discussed an ankle injury with him. Clearly, AB and the team have very different views as to what transpired on the field. After the incident, AB was spotted waiting for an Uber in front of the stadium in East Rutherford, NJ before taking a car to NYC. While in Manhattan, AB claimed several top doctors diagnosed him with a significant ankle injury.

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