Maci Bookout had a family reunion. The MTV personality faced criticisms by the fans, but what else is new for the Teen Mom? Fans said Maci Bookout appeared to be drunk at the family reunion.

Maci Bookout, star of “Teen Mom OG,” was accused of being “drunk.” She was seen sobbing during a sneak preview trailer for “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” that MTV published on Instagram. In the clip, the host asked Bookout to express a personal feeling at the beginning of the video and the Bookout answered.

“I’m not sure I’m ready, I am not enough.”

“What does ‘enough’ mean for you?”

“I don’t know and I’ve been chasing it my whole life.”

“I realized that I found confidence in taking care of everyone else… Make sure everyone else is OK, and when you’re s*** gets real, go away. Run. Run.”

MTV then moved to a confessional with Amber Portwood, star of “Teen Mom OG.” Amber spoke her mind as usual.

“I heard her say something that has been known for a very long time with a lot of the older OGs: she does not put herself first.”

Hundreds of fans reacted to the first sneak peek from the series on Reddit. An original poster with 255 upvotes and 350 comments asked fans if they’d watched the video. Many people commented on Bookout’s intoxication level.

“Maci is definitely drunk.”

“Is Maci off her tits? She seems to be slurring her words.”

“How drunk is Maci omg. Are they really feeding these girls booze and then making them do fake therapy exercises? 😂 ridiculous. Can’t wait to watch more lol.”

Some viewers began to question if Bookout was mixing medications and alcohol after the final season of “Teen Mom OG.” After witnessing a tragic shooting in October 2020, she has been dealing with PTSD. Some viewers stated that the Chattanooga, Tennessee, native appeared to be slurring her words throughout episodes.

Bookout faces many rumors. What do you think was she drunk that evening? Do let us know in the comments. To more about your favorite celeb stat tune to Thirsty.

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