Ying Yang Twins were huge back in the day. While their music comprising of hit singles such as “Wait (The Whisper Song)” & “Whistle While You Twerk” made their career skyrocket, even artists such as Jay-Z felt outshined by it.

The Twins had a very quick falling down into obscurity. However, they did arouse a lot of other rappers who thought they owned the game back in the day, and that included Jay-Z. Since the duo holds a veteran-status as far as artists go, they naturally have a lot of story to tell.

VladTV hosted the latest interview for the rap duo. They talked about how their single “Say I Yi Yi” became successful. They initially submitted the song at Universal for a release, but decided not to pursue. After that, they landed a KOCH record deal, which they took.

The Ying Yang Twins found the song to be massively successful. They even added that the song got a lot of success, so much so that Jay-Z had some negative things to say about them.

66 thousand spins a week. He said I gotta sell a fuckin’ Sidekick Motorola to sell my Fade To The Black album. This shit ain’t cool. You new n***as f*ckin’ up my money and he hung the phone up on us.

The duo has told this story before. However, now fans are curious to know exactly what went down between the Jay-Z & the Twins, and whether Jay-Z would ever open up about it or not.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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