Lala Kent and Randall Emmette called it quits after five years of being together. Kent celebrated Christmas with her 9-month daughter Ocean, but Randall Emmett wasn’t around. After getting split from Randall, Lala was a bit disturbed. There appears to be many more mysteries about Randall Emmett lurking beneath the surface, but Lala Kent isn’t about to drop the beans just yet.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star has been gradually opening up about her breakup with Emmett, and while she hasn’t revealed everything she could, she is certainly saying more. On the recent episode of “Give Them Lala” podcast, she discussed about her past relationship.

Kent highlighted her previous connection with Emmett on the December 22, 2021 podcast, emphasizing how relieved she was to have her own money and to have her financial position under control. It allowed her to just walk away. She also stated that she knows a lot more about Emmett’s actions than has been published thus far. She described his actions as “disgusting, filthy, and dark.”

“I find out things daily and if he whose name I shall not say knew what I know, he would be sh****** bricks. Yeah. But you know what? This ain’t ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ So I have zipped lips — for now. I don’t feel like I need to share everything that I know at this point in time because I know the universe reveals people’s truths. I have to trust in that because I sit here sometimes and I’m like, ‘How! How! How! How the f*** is this my life?’”


Kent’s relationship with Emmett had reached a breaking point, and she had no choice but to leave but what she discovered back in October 2021 pales in comparison to what she knows now. Given what has happened in the last several months, the way Kent and Emmett’s relationship is playing out on the current season of Vanderpump Rules is almost unbearable to watch.

Kent has been focused on raising her baby girl, Ocean, and she doesn’t seem to want to be the one to call out Emmett for the things he’s allegedly done. She however believes that more information will ultimately come out and it’s not good.

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