Luann De Lesseps is everyone’s favorite Countess on Real Housewives Of New York City. Luann De was married to Tom D’ Agostino in 2016 and both split in 2017. Fans are criticizing Luann De’s ex-husband Tom D’ Agostino for his engagement with Danielle Rollins and for the similar engagement ring he gave her.

Tom D’Agostino gifted a similar ring to Danielle which she gave to the Real Housewife 5 years before. Fans didn’t like this and slammed Tom for what he did. Danielle posted a feed on Instagram on 1st January showing the ring and tagged Tom D’ Agostino.

According to US Weekly, Danielle’s friend Sarah Bray-West shared an Instagram story showing Tom kneeling to propose to her. Luann and Danielle’s rings were nearly identical, with a colored center stone and diamonds. Danielle’s was blue, whereas Luann’s was yellow. After the post, lots of fans were astonished and filled the comments box with questions.

“Its about Tom – Tom is engaged! Engagement rings from Tom – same ring design, different middle gemstones (Left: Luann’s, Right: Danielle’s)”

“I hope Lu is surrounded by people who love and care about her right now. Proposing on NYE was a douche move Tom. There are other days in the year.”

“He’s truly an a**hole. I also wouldn’t want to be the other half in this situation anyway.”

The iconic “Real Housewives of New York” scene occurred in season 8, episode 20 when Bethenny Frankel learned that Luann’s then-fiancé, Tom, was cheating on her.

“She showed me a picture, on camera, that I wasn’t expecting, that my husband was kissing someone else. It was terrible. It was horrible. It broke my heart. She claims to be my friend, that’s not right.”

Now we have to wait and see what Tom says to this criticism. Keep checking back with Thirsty, because we’ll stay on this ongoing story.

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