Drake is arguably America’s biggest musical artist. From having the most album sales to loyal fans, he has it all. Here’s what else Drake has, a very serious dedication about his businesses.

News has been going around of Drake rushing to court demanding an injunction against a jewelry company using his face to promote their brand. According to court documents obtained by Radar, the rapper is suing a Hong Kong-based jewelry company named Gemma LTD and its owner, Ori Vechler. He accuses the defendants of using photos of him to promote their company on social media.

Drake previously reached out to the jewelers via Instagram and ordered three pieces: a diamond ring, diamond rings, and diamond necklace. He received all of them during the pandemic in 2020. Later, he was not satisfied with the quality and make of the pieces.

When Drake attempted to return the items, the company refused to receive them. What the company did instead was use pictures of him without any license on social media in late December 2019 and early 2020. His lawyer had a lot to say while explaining the whole matter.


“While Drake was briefly a Gemma customer, his status as such did not also include giving Gemma the right to use his name and likeness in a licensing campaign for its products. This is especially the case when Drake is actually dissatisfied with what he received from Gemma, has been attempting to return it and obtain a refund (to no avail), and never would want his name or likeness associated with Vechler or Gemma, or for his fans and the public to think that he is somehow affiliated with them or endorses them.”

Drake is now accusing the company of “willfully and without authorization” using his “name, image, likeness and persona in the Posts for commercial purposes.  He wants the court to award him all profits made off this conduct. This has shown just how Drake can be ruthless when it comes to his image and business.

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