Ryan Seacrest is not going that well these days. Recently, fans saw Andy Cohen take shots at Ryan Seacrest on live television during New Year’s Eve. Now Ryan Seacrest is taking heat for a Betty White controversy.

Betty White passed away at 99 on 31st December. Betty White fans are criticizing Ryan Seacrest, because he waited so long to break the news himself. Seacrest waited nearly an hour before reporting White’s death on his New Year’s Eve show, and that’s unacceptable for fans.

On Twitter, a person tagged Seacrest and wrote, “I have lost all respect for you tonight, 25 minutes into your party and not ONE mention of the passing of Betty White. Will have to suffer through listening to Blubbering Biden and listening to Mariah Carey from 2018 and Taylor Swift but not moment of silence for BW.”

Another person wrote, “Not a mention,” which a crying face emoji, and a third added, “Rockin Eve should show a segment at 11:50 pm on the notable people that left us in 2021, with the song Smile by Josh Groban being played and Betty White being shown last.”

During a video tribute to the 50th anniversary of the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Show, Seacrest did acknowledge White’s death. During his eventual tribute, Ryan said she will be “lost by so many.”

A source subsequently told that Betty died naturally. The outlet wrote, “Emergency responders, including police, showed up at her home Friday morning as a standard procedure. As we told you back in 2020, Betty rarely left her home once the COVID-19 pandemic began.”

Every fan of Betty is still in grief due to the loss and even angry at Ryan Seacrest for what he did. Now let’s see what will be the reaction of Ryan Seacrest on these critics. To know the reaction of Ryan Seacrest, stay tuned to Thirsty for News.

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Muskan Sharma

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