Kyle Kuzma might have money, but he doesn’t have Elon Musk money. Still, for some reason, he feels the need to defend the billionaire. Just how much Musk pays in taxes every year is also a topic of conversation.

Washington Wizards star Kyle Kuzma once agreed with Bernie Sanders on taxing Amazon. But recently he retweeted a story from CNN that said Elon Musk will owe $11 billion in taxes, the largest amount ever for an individual. He then mocked the argument in his caption while saying, “the rich don’t pay taxes.”

That comment implied that Musk paying billions of dollars in taxes–regardless of the actual percentages–proves that idea wrong. Obviously, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the richest person in recorded history would face a tax bill that mirrors the amount. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Kyle failed to understand one thing here. The complaint has always been that the rich don’t pay their fair share. Not that they don’t pay taxes at all.

Earlier this month, Elon tweeted that he will be paying $11 billion in taxes. Writer Anya Overmann helped put that sum into perspective, also mentioning a ProPublica investigation which found that Musk didn’t pay federal income tax for years. “Sure, $11 billion sounds like a lot–but 4.5% is a fraction of what the rest of us regular folk will pay in taxes every single year” is what she said in short.

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