Swizz Beat is no miser when it comes to spoiling his wife, Alicia Key. The producer recently posted a video on Instagram to show off a custom Elliot Eliantte chain that he had custom-made for Alicia Keys, in celebration of the release of her eighth studio album Keys.

The sparkling piece featured a huge, circular emblem inspired by a piano and the diamond-crusted black keys that rest atop the dazzling white keys. The white keys are functional, pressing down when one applies pressure to them. Above the piano keys reads ‘Keys’ in black, cursive writing, and the entire piece comes together with a shimmering black and gold chain.

In the video posted by Swizz Beat, Jay-Z mentions the quality of the keys chain, saying, “When we create these things, when AK comes out with the keys chain, I mean come on man. It’s just super hard first of all. I haven’t told you that, but that chain is just super hard. It comes from a different place. It’s beyond, you know, a show of wealth [like how] people tend to identify it as today. This thing comes back to you know like you said Mansa Musa and all the great kings.”

Swizz Beatz repeated Jay-Z’s opinions while composing the caption for the video. The producer wrote, “@eliantte thank you for bringing this gift to life for the Queen! Hov said no lies, thoughts #keys #aliciakeys.”

Alicia showed off her new chain in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club. The singer reflected on her career and talked about her musical heroes. The interview was refreshing as one could feel Alicia’s elegant yet relatable energy.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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