Lala Kent is currently busy recovering from her recent break up with Randall Emmett after he cheated on her. This painful experience is apparently very noticeable according to her fans.

Kent and Randall Emmett called it quits in October 2021, and since then Lala has opened up about her decision to walk away on various podcasts. The Vanderpump Rules star is currently single mom co-parenting her daughter, Ocean with ex.

Lala has been very active on social media, rarely taking a break after their breakup. Some fans have noticed that it took a toll on her as she is looking differently lately. They took to Reddit to discuss Lala’s recent Instagram Stories, pointing out her face looked very thin-almost gaunt.

One user kicked off a Reddit thread with, “This is b***** but…I’ve never seen Lala look like this. Is it stress? The original poster also shared some screenshots of Lala promoting her beauty brand, “Give Them Lala Beauty.”


Fans think going through such a life-altering change has caused too much stress which is causing her to losing weight. One user wrote, “Prob stress, maybe not eating bc of it. Her face looks like she’s lost weight and she was already skinny,” while another commented, “Her cheeks look super hollowed out. Hope she’s ok,” showing concern for Lala.

The past year has been very hard on Lala and her life certainly look very different going into 2022. While she has been very confident about closing this nightmare chapter and moving forward, it hasn’t been easy. Lala has admitted she has very little communication with her ex. You can check out the picture in question below.

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