Megan Thee Stallion is signed to the Houston-based company, but she recently had a disagreement with the firm’s CEO. After three years of legal wrangling with Megan, 1501 CEO Carl Crawford appears to be putting up a roster of musicians that match Megan in looks. The most recent example is Martina Marie.

Megan’s fans are calling out Martina Marie, 1501’s newest act, for allegedly stealing one of the rapper’s nicknames. Aside from calling herself “THEE Martina Marie” on Instagram, a recent caption of hers is identical to one of Megan’s most well-known monikers.

“Ok ok y’all got that… but It’s still giving Martina Snow.”

Tina Snow is Megan’s alter ego, as you may know. She raps more aggressively and embraces wintery hues in her clothing and glam. Her name was inspired by her crush for Pimp C.

After fans started to catch onto another 1501 artist seemingly borrowing from Megan’s formula, fans went after Martina in the comments. They accused her of copying the “Savage” artist and generally just being unoriginal. Martina also had a strong response to Megan’s admirers.

“This shit funny asf cuz I really RAP and sing so I’m prepared for All bullshit.”

She went on to share a meme, directly targeting Megan’s fans in a disrespectful manner. You can check it out below. It is quite graphic.

After what happened initially with Erica Banks, who was also accused of copying Megan‘s formula after signing to 1501, this looks to be another mess in the making. Is this something Carl Crawford intends to do? It can only be answered in the coming days.

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Shivangini Rawat

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