They’ll take “never heard of him” for $200, Alex. Machine Gun Kelly may be a music superstar, but at least three Jeopardy! contestants aren’t sure who he is even when shown a photo. Machine Gun Kelly clue on ‘Jeopardy’ has viewers on Twitter crying laughing.

On Monday’s Jeopardy!, a clue involving rapper Machine Gun Kelly had all three contestants stumped. Even though it was supported by an onscreen picture of Megan Fox’s boyfriend himself. “Not fans of Machine Gun Kelly, apparently,” joked guest host Ken Jennings.

“The stage name of this rapper and actor gets shortened to MGK,” said host Ken Jennings. However, the buzzer eventually went off as neither Donna Lettow, Ashley Castle nor returning Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider managed to guess Machine Gun Kelly. Regardless, Schneider continued to slay Monday night.

The current champion made history last week when she became the first transgender contestant to advance to the Tournament of Champions. She earned the fourth-highest winnings in the history of the show. Her record-breaking streak continued on Christmas Eve, when she won her 18th consecutive game, totaling $706,800, which officially made her the highest-earning woman of all time.


Schneider ended Monday night’s game in the lead with a 19-day cash winnings total of $745,200. Should she continue her dominance through Wednesday, Schneider will hit a 21-game win streak. And she will take over the fourth-place record for most consecutive wins behind Jeopardy! legend Jennings’s 74-winning streak in 2004, followed by Matt Amodio’s 38-winning streak earlier this year and James Holzhauer’s 32-winning streak.

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