Sam Asghari is a huge fan of Britney Spears and frequently encourages her. Things are going well for them as a couple, and their bond has only grown stronger since they got engaged. The couple enjoyed a night out on the town on Monday.

It’s evident that they enjoy the restaurant. The problem is that it’s one of the few places in town where paparazzi are allowed. Several paparazzi photographs show the two of them having a fantastic time.

Britney and her fiancé dined at Catch in WeHo. It’s the same location where they celebrated the conclusion of the conservatorship last month, as you may recall. It appears to be a go-to happy location for the couple.

Britney kept her back to the cameras on her way in and out of Catch. It’s one of five eateries in Los Angeles where the paparazzi are regularly and firmly stationed. The entire area is infested with paparazzi, who are impossible to avoid.

Brit is plainly upbeat, in contrast to a sad post the same evening in which she condemned the abuse she claims she received from her family. As reported earlier, Britney reveals how the conservatorship ruined her music career. She also revealed her plans for 2022 in a separate report.

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