José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, better known as J Balvin, is a Colombian singer and rapper. He has consistently been one of the best Latin artists over the years with numerous hits under his bag. The Medellín born Colombian recently received a lot of hate after accepting AEA Afro-Latin Artist Of The Year Award. Some people aren’t thrilled about this new accomplishment for Balvin

J Balvin received the award for Afro Latino Artist of the Year at the African Entertainment Music Awards USA. The AEAUSA describes itself as a Non-Profit Organization established in New Jersey with the aim of supporting, celebrating, and uplifting African Entertainment. His Album José was chosen to be the winner for the award.

People were upset at the fact that he won the award instead of an artist with Afro-Latino descent. Although all the responses weren’t particularly hate but a considerable amount of them were just basically criticizing the award giving organization. Many of the complaints centered around the question of Balvin’s race and ethnicity.

Some were quick to point out the backlash he faced earlier this year for his controversial “Perra” music video. It mainly came out to everyone as a racist and misogynist. The visuals depicted Black women as dogs on leashes which made many people furious. Although he later apologized but the damage was done.

A bunch of people were upset and took to Twitter to voice their thoughts. One fan tweeted:

“Gonna need the African Entertainment Awards to gatekeep blackness a lil more coz how [the f***] they gave J Balvin white as s*** ass [an Afro-Latino] Artist Of The Year award. Sech and Ozuna are right there??? And are actually Black????”

Here are some of the other tweets which followed him winning the award.

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