Brittany Cartwright gave birth to baby boy Cruz on April 12 after a hard pregnancy. Vanderpump Rules fans are becoming curious about 8 months children. Fans aew now pressing Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright to cut Cruz’s hair.

Cruz, the son of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, will be one in April 2022 and has never had his hair cut. The former “Vanderpump Rules” stars, like many new parents, have elected to let Cruz’s hair grow out. They’ve even had to put a ponytail on top of his head since it’s so long.

The majority of fans have only said good things about baby Cruz and how adorable he is. However, one question that some fans appear to have is when the pair plans to cut Cruz’s hair, which Jax addressed in a recent Instagram Stories Q&A.

During a Q&A on Jax’s Instagram Stories just before the Christmas holiday, a couple of people asked the stars when they will plan on giving their son’s hair a trim.

“Are y’all gonna cut Cruz’s hair?”One questioned. “Not any time soon,” Jax responded.

“Why do you put [Cruz’s] hair in [a] ponytail?” someone asked. “We don’t want to cut his hair, so keeping it in a ‘top knot’ keeps it out of his face,” Taylor answered.

When they’re ready, they’ll cut Cruz’s hair. For the time being, he’ll wear his hair in a man-bun, “top knot,” or ponytail. Again in October 2021, the couple shared Cruz’s pic with his hair in a “man bun” high atop his head.

“Cruz’s first man bun. I can’t even deal,” The caption of the post.

“Boymom tip: do not cut his baby hair as long as you can!! After the first haircut, their hair is never the same and they look like little men,” one commented. The couple answered, “Trust me I’m not cutting these gorgeous locks for a while.”

“My son is 2 now and has been rocking a man bun since around 6 months old!!! I love it! Cruz is so cute,” One wrote.

“This might be the cutest baby I’ve ever seen,” Another added.

The fans of Vanderpump Rules getting excited to see Cruz’s in a haircut. Let’s see when will the couple decides to give him a cut.

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