In yet another round of ‘what do you hear and/or see,’ Pat McAfee has thrown this out on Twitter, wondering just what Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver, Stefon Diggs said to a Patriots fan after his touchdown in today’s game. The game is still in its 3rd quarter as of this writing and the action is through the roof, as is the intensity, as this exchange proves.

If you may remember, a few years back, the old Laurels/Yannies thread that had the entire world arguing about what they heard over the internet. There was also the infamous photo of a dress that people were asked to determine what color they saw…Black & Blue or Black and Gold. Then, like now with this little instance, garnered many different responses.

As McAfee stated, it’s already getting quite a few responses on Twitter. McAfee started the festivities by asking what people heard when Diggs, number 14 for the Bills started pointing to the fan in an aggressive manner after a touchdown, mouthing something.

On Twitter, the video is hard to make out exactly, or rather, what was said exactly, but a few minutes ago, the video was put on YouTube as well. We’ll share both at the bottom of this report and you can get in on the action too.


So what do you hear: “Shut the fuck up?” or “S my f’n D”?!?!

It’s interesting, because in responses so far, some are hearing both, and some are hearing only one of the offered options. Myself, after hearing the YouTube video, am leaning towards “Shut the f*ck up?” You can weigh in too, readers, and have a little fun in the process.

Domenic Marinelli

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