Drakeo was one of the most unique West Coast Stylish in decades. Drakeo was identified for his flow, as well as his oddly expressive, poetic word choices. The late rapper was assassinated, and he continues to be a hot topic of discussion. Unfortunately, on 19th December his fans got the very shocking news of his death. Now his brother is reacting.

After seeing a fatal backstage stabbing, Drakeo The Ruler’s brother breaks his silence. Drakeo was murdered at around 8:30 pm backstage in the Once Upon a Time in LA concert. Festival in Los Angeles, bringing his terrible story to a close.

No suspects in custody in connection to Drakeo’s murder. The Ruler’s family has yet to receive any sort of retribution. Drakeo’s mother promised to sue the event organizers for allowing such a catastrophe to occur on their watch, but his brother has made a different pledge.

Ralfy The Plug, Drakeo’s brother, broke his silence on his brother’s death with an Instagram post. Along with a photo, he dropped a touching tribute.

“His name gone forever live on. Literally was a king that got it out the mud and I watched it all from the start. from recording all yo lil freestyle and post’‘em on YouTube watching smoking on the porch waking everybody up to spit this hard ass shit you be coming up with in 10 minutes effortlessly to going to camp.”

“back to back every time I get out you go back every time you get out I went back to beating indictments starting yo own label and even getting a song with drake biggest artist in game and you did it by yo self you was a self made boss and a leader you was my idol and big brother and I learned a lot from you and I’m definitely gone make sure they still know the truth.”

We cannot imagine the pain that his family is going through, especially around the Holidays. Our thoughts are with them today as they continue their grieving process.

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Muskan Sharma

Muskan Sharma is a law student at Calcutta University. She writes for Thirsty for News, covering world news and entertainment. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

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