The Smith family has been on the news a lot lately. With Red Table Talk and Will Smith’s new book, they have been making countless headlines. Jaden is by far the least talked about member of the family, luckily he has given fans an update.

A 2019 episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk had the Smith family all come together to discuss Jaden’s health. Jada and Will had to stage an intervention on then 21-year-old Jaden who was appearing to look very sickly due to his diet (or lack thereof). Jaden has now returned to Red Table Talk to give an update on his health.

Jaden shared that he’s since gained about 10 pounds. He mentioned that he works with his physicians to map a healthy weight-gain regimen. “I was able to work with the doctors and really get my vitamins and get my supplements and protein shakes,” Jaden said while on mom’s talk show.

Jaden observed that he has found a “password” for his body. “That’s half of my diet. It’s like a password that I have to find to my body. I’m like, ten pounds heavier now at this point.” A newer photo of Jaden was shown during the episode and he couldn’t help but remark at the difference. Looking back, Jaden recalled, “That was a long way from where I was when I was at Coachella, where I just was like, bones.”I thought I was so tight. I was like, ‘This. I’m swagging on this. Like, I need to take off my shirt right now.” he added.

The actor-rapper opened up about his appetite issues. “My biggest gut problem would be like, just not being hungry when I need to be.” Jaden believes his regular pancake with syrup breakfast every morning contributed to his gut pain. Jaden also spoke about his mental health issues like stress eating. “Or being stressed. I have pain, too. I eat so much sugar that I have a candida buildup that happens in my stomach.”

It is an interesting and lesser known fact that obesity isn’t the only consequences of stress eating.

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Shifa Jahan

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