Lisa Rinna is no stranger to public scrutiny. She is also an inspiration for many. Now a new sensation is blowing, Lisa Rinna is getting roasted over her new look.

Lisa Rinna’s lips are once again the center of internet debate. Fans are slamming the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star after she revealed her season 12 confessional appearance. Which included a long brunette wig and plumped-up lips.

While Rinna’s large lips aren’t a new trend. Admirers couldn’t help but note that Rinna’s lips had grown even larger, due to the use of lipliner. Rinna posted a video of herself on Instagram on December 21, 2021, sitting in a director’s chair in a green room or possibly a behind-the-scenes makeup area.

Rinna flaunted her look as the camera zoomed in on her, blinking a few times and ensuring that her beauty was fully captured. Several fans commented on the picture, complimenting Rinna on her appearance, but many others couldn’t help but notice Rinna’s mouth and the heavily manipulated image.

The Real Housewives star made the decision to have lip injections while she was only 24 years old. “I always playfully joke that my lips have their own career.” They did not always receive positive feedback. There was a time when everyone was pessimistic. In 2020, Rinna told the Daily Mail, “I think they were accepted when I stated, These are my lips! This is the way they are.”

Rinna has made no apologies for her lips, and she appears to like the look regardless of what others think. Rinna’s newest Instagram post, however, was met with harsh criticism from Instagram and Reddit users.

“I [love her] but she needs to STOP with the lip injections or whatever she does she looking like a [duck]. Sorry,” one follower commented. “Those [huge] lips are taking over her face. I guess she thinks it looks good,” another person commented.

“Why do I picture ‘The Joker’ every time I see her? The creases coming off the sides of her mouth??? Why?????” Another commented. “What in the lips has happened here,” another said.

Rinna’s glam post, predictably, drew a lot of attention from Redditors as well. When Rinna revealed her Cindy wig, she received a lot of favorable feedback, but the long hair isn’t what everyone is talking about.

Rinna appears to be emphasizing her mouth — either through further injections or overuse of lip liner — which isn’t new, but it does make her lips appear larger to some people — and Reddit isn’t happy about it.

“Are the lips even bigger than I remember?” one follower questioned. “Did she really fill up both her lips and draw over her lip line??? She looks like a rubber dinghy that ate a Nutella bread roll,” another commented. “She’s such a joke & now she has the joker’s lips to match,” Another commented.

It seems that this will be a continued debate within the fan base. You can check out the photo in question below.

What’s your view on it? That sounds like it in the comments.

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