Kodak Black is known to be controversial from time to time. This instance is just another example of how he riled fans up by living his life and putting it on social media.

A video of Kodak Black dancing with his mother at a private party went viral a few weeks ago. He appears to grasp his mother’s buttocks and attempt to kiss her on the mouth in the footage. Recently at a party, Kodak Black appeared to allow a mature lady to twerk on his young son.

Thousands of people have already expressed their displeasure with Kodak Black’s actions with his mother on social media. According to reports, Kodak was dancing with his son, King Khalid, at the party when he appeared to welcome a grown woman to twerk on his son.

The youngster had a bright smile on his face, but many people believe it was inappropriate. The woman in the photo is an adult, and Kodak’s boy is seven years old. She knelt down and shoves her bottom in the boy’s face, which has sparked outrage on the internet.

“Y’all need to stop taking the innocence out of kids so early…it is not their time! Let kids be kids!!”

When the picture was shared on the blog site The Neighborhood Talk, one individual remarked, “Jail jail jail jail jail.” Another fan felt heartbroken by Kodak’s behavior.

You can probably expect a lot more reactions as the image continues to circulate. What are your thoughts? Is there anything wrong with this, or are people overreacting?

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