Bobby Shmurda’s official music video for his current single, “Shmoney,” was released last week. The video paid homage Wolf of Wall Street and the Brooklyn rapper’s dance routines. The song is already gaining traction with fans on social media. Bobby recruited the help of a pal who knows a thing or two about making “Shmoney” to keep the momentum rolling. In case you’re wondering, the original Wolf of Wall Street approves.

On Tuesday December 21, Bobby Shmurda shared a video of entrepreneur and controversial former stockbroker, Jordan Belfort. Jordan is best known as the inspiration for the 2013 Leonardo DiCaprio film The Wolf of Wall Street. Jordan was seen encouraging fans to check out his new video.

“I want to give a huge, major shoutout to my man Bobby Shmurda. You gotta see his new music video called ‘Shmoney.’ It recreates all these amazing scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street. Big shout out to Quavo and Rowdy Rebel who are in the video, too. You’ll be laughing out loud and you’re going to want to get your own ‘shmoney,’ I promise you.”

Bobby and Belfort’s budding friendship may entail more than just promoting his new music video on social media. The GS9 rapper announced his plans to invest $1 million in cryptocurrencies on Twitter on Tuesday. This prompted a provocative eyes emoji response from The Wolf of Wall Street himself.

Jordan Belfort isn’t the only one who thinks Bobby Shmurda’s new video is brilliant. The director of the “Shmoney” video, Damien Sandoval, praised the 27-year-old rapper as a “class act” during his time working with him.

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