Tracy Lynn Curry, better known by his stage name the D.O.C, appears to be collaborating with Eminem on new music. The Westcoast lyricist won’t go into detail, but he believes Eminem’s next album is on the way.

A fan asked D.O.C. about Slim Shady’s new album drop on Twitter. The D.O.C. retweeted that fan’s question regarding the release. Then gave a vague answer to a second direct question about the time.

“Probably pretty close but I can’t say.”

Regardless of how evasive this response was, it demonstrates that those who work with Dr. Dre are aware that Marshall Mathers’ next album is in the works. They might also be aware of how close it is to completion. They’ve always gotten to the stage where they’re willing to talk about it.

For many years, the D.O.C. has collaborated with Dr. Dre. He also collaborated with N.W.A., Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and other hip hop musicians on tracks. His most recent appearance was for Dre’s new collaboration with Eminem, “Gospel,” which was released on GTA Online.

D.O.C. is also visible in a behind-the-scenes film of Dr. Dre working on his new tunes. How excited are you for Eminem’s upcoming album drop?

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