Founder of the record label Griselda Records, Westside Gunn has been experiencing health crises. The Shady Records alumnus admitted that he has been hospitalized twice in the last month due to health issues. This is not good news, especially with the holidays looming ever closer.

Westside Gunn requested prayers and stated that he was having difficulties breathing independently. In his Instagram stories, the rapper posted some serious messages.

“Some rest and I’ll be back. Thank y’all so much for the love, u know know I love u all even the haters!!! Happy holidays… I didn’t realize I had 60 points in the 3rd quarter I should’ve been benched myself, some should be thankful I’m giving y’all a head starts anyways (I’m still talking shit but if you know me you know I’m humble lol…)…Allahu Akbar. See y’all next year #FlyGod Seriously Thank You.”

Gunn uploaded a fuzzy image of an emergency team standing right in front of him in one of his stories. He was resting on his bed. He added that he had to dial 911 twice this month due to his troubling respiratory issues.

The Griselda mastermind has already battled a severe case of Covid-19 infection. He has persevered in releasing his outstanding creations, and he is determined to return stronger than before.

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Gunjan Nath

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