Bob’s Burgers is most definitely one of the most beloved animated sitcoms in recent times. The show has managed to become a huge part of pop culture thanks to its impeccable comedic timing and social commentary. It seems an actor for one of the characters has been fired from the show.

According to The Daily Beast, the effects of the January 6th Capitol riots is still being felt. One of these alleged participants of the riots was none other than Jimmy Pesto’s voice actor Jay Johnston, an actor and comedian.

According to two people familiar with the matter, top staff at Bob’s Burgers have banned Johnston from voicing his recurring character Jimmy Pesto. One of the sources described it as a “ban.” The other individual familiar with the matter stated that Fox is not looking to make “a big deal” about the current blacklisting.

Unsurprisingly enough, news of Jay Johnston getting banned from the long-running sitcom spread like wildfire and fans took to social media to express their shock as Johnston became a trending topic.

Jimmy Pesto’s voice actor took method acting too far.

Why did it take them so long to identify Jimmy Pesto from the photos?

So I guess Bob was right for hating the hell outta Jimmy Pesto

The hilarious thing about this is that Jimmy Pesto would be there too

Regardless of Jimmy Pesto not being around anymore, the show will go on with or without Jay Johnston and that is what matters in the end.

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