Music sensation Cardi B decided to try her hand in the toy making industry after taking the music industry by storm. It seems her plans to penetrate homes with her custom designed dolls will have to delayed.

Cardi and Real Women Are joined forces to make a limited edition Cardi B doll. They started taking pre-orders back in March 2021 for $35 dollars a piece. The fashion doll brand failed to meet deadlines which sent customers into a state of worry thinking that it was all a scam.

Now Cardi has more bad news for her fans who were hoping to get their hands on one of her dolls. It’s understood that the product release won’t happen due to production delays and concerns over the product’s quality.

According to TMZ, a representative of Cardi B revealed the dolls will not be released as result of Covid-19 related delays in the manufacturing and shipping unit. TMZ was told that Cardi herself is not happy with the product’s quality which don’t meet her high quality standards, so they are delayed.

Cardi B has asked the company to refund all the pre-order purchases and Real Women Are has agreed to do so. Cardi is encouraging anyone who shelled out $35 for a piece to request for a refund, if they haven’t already.

Unhappy customers took to Instagram to make their frustration known. The Instagram handle of Real Women Are started getting flooded with questions from customers where their Cardi B inspired dolls are and demanding refunds.

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