Travis Scott saw the worst concert of his life at the Astroworld Festival Tragedy. The rapper is now working on a new initiative to make concerts safer in the US. He is working on the effort to ensure that the fans’ safety is at top priority.

According to TMZ, Travis has joined forces with leaders in government and music to avoid similar disasters like the Astroworld. He is actively involved with The United States Conference of Mayors. The group represents the interests of more than 1,400 cities across the country.

Scott and the USCM alliance will assemble a commission encompassing different leaders from government. Leaders from public safety, emergency response, health care event management, music, and technology will be an active part of the task force. 

The commission will outline a safety report that can be used at concerts and festivals. The reigns will be handed to Reno, Nevada Mayor Hillary Schieve, who is also the Chair of the Conference’s Tourism, Art, Parks, Entertainment, and Sports Committee. The team aims to “aggressively focus on new technologies and innovations that offer ways to address these challenges.”


Last week, Scott had a sit-down with Charlamagne tha God where he addressed that he understands why people are pointing their finger at him. He is still trying to comprehend the gravity of the situation. Taking this initiative is like another part of his redemption.

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